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tv   U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House Debate on Anti Hate Resolution  CSPAN  March 7, 2019 8:54pm-9:56pm EST

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the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. nadler: mr. speaker, i rise in strong support of h.res. 183. which condemns anti-semitism unambiguously, as well as anti-muslim bigotry and all forms of prejudice against minorities as contrary to fundamental american values and principles. this resolution makes clear that we condemn anti-semitism, islamaphobia and racism, no matter where on the political spectrum they may emanate from. right, left or center. this resolution's a statement of our values as a nation. and while it focuses on concerns raised in the last few weeks regarding anti-semitism and islamaphobia, it addresses those not just forms of bigotry in the context of our broader concern with all forms of bigotry and hatred in our country.
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bigotry against members of minority groups based on their actual or perceived religion, ethnicity, race or origin are among the cardinal sins of our nation. as the resolution notes, tolerance and religious freedom are among our country's fundamental principles. so much so that they are enshrined in the very first amendment to the constitution. sadly, without constant vigilance, our nation has seen darker moments where religious and other forms of hate have reared their ugly heads. often our nation has fallen short of its ideals, and succumb to the demagoguery of bigots. one of the biggest problemsing ow country today, and one -- problems facing our country today, and one that has bedeviled it in the past, is white supremacists have achieved political gains. they do so by stoking hatred and division based on religion, race, ethnicity or other characteristics. to combat this it is imperative that all of us, but especially those of us in public life, speak out against such hate.
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unfortunately sometimes the perpetrators of religious and other forms of bigotry are themselves public figures and even distressingly members of this house. indeed in the last few weeks, comments have been made by some of my colleagues on both sides of the aisle that can be fairly characterized as anti-semitic. and i have condemned these remarks. anti-semitism is among the most ancient of prejudices and is associated with stereotypes, including the claim that jews exert control over the government and the political and the global, political and financial systems. that they are obsessed with money. and that their loyalty to their home countries are somehow in question. the assertion of these beliefs does not constitute merely making statements of policy positions. rather propagation of these beliefs have throughout history resulted in harassment, discrimination, violence and murder against jews. and while anti-semitism is an ancient prejudice, its affects are not ancient history. less than six months ago a gunman murdered 11 worshipers at
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the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh, reportedly stating that he, quote, wanted all jews to die, unquote. and nearly two years ago in charlottesville, virginia, white supremacists with torches chanted grew jrues will not replace us -- chanted jews will not replace us. members on both sides have questioned the loyalty and patriotism of members of this house. the support for israel particularly among jewish americans is deeply offensive to me. what i find equally despicable is the trope deployed against muslim americans. this includes the recent implication by one of our colleagues that another colleague is a spy. and a state republican party posted in the west virginia state capitol that implied an association between that same colleague and the september 11, 2001, attacks in new york. indeed, statements have been made in the recent past by public officials including the president which can fairly be
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characterized as anti-muslim more generally. particularly since the september 11 attacks, muslim americans have faced a gauntlet of prejudice, alleging that they are inherently violent, disloyal and foreign. and this has led to hate-motivated violence. in 2017, for example, at least five mosques were bombed or burned in various cities around the country. efforts to question the loyalty of patriotism -- or patriotism of anyone in this country based on their religion or any innate characteristic is completely out of bounds. it is my fervent hope that this resolution will be a chance for us both as an institution and also as a nation to remind ourselves of what we all believe in and come together and heal. i urge my colleagues to join me in voting for this resolution today and i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from georgia is recognized. mr. collins: thank you, mr. speaker. i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from new york.
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the gentleman from new york is recognized. mr. nadler: thank you, mr. speaker. i now yield three minutes to the distinguished gentleman from maryland, mr. raskin. the speaker pro tempore: mr. raskin from maryland is recognized for three minutes. mr. raskin: mr. speaker, thank you very much. at sunday school, jewish kids earn the imperishable words of hilel who said if i am not for myself, who will be for me? but if i am for myself only, then who am i? and if not now, when? today we must all stand strongly and proudly for ourselves and our communities, but we must also stand in strong solidarity with other people and their communities. and we must act now because in america and in nations all over the world, anti-semitism, anti-muslim bigotry, and other forms of racism and intolerance are sharply on the rise. these old and lethal poisons are not only a threat to individual
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jews and muslims and african-americans and hispanic americans and asian americans and native americans, walking down the street, and to our children playing at school, they are the common enemy of liberal democracy. which depends upon tolerance and pluralism to survive. as the world's oldest liberal democracy in a thriving, multirational and multicultural society, america must reject the myths and stereotypes and libels and tropes that make up these ancient hatreds. anti-semitism and racism are the gateway to destruction for everything that we believe in as a society. they are a threat to the values of our constitutional cede, pluralism and tolerance, religious freedom and freedom of association, equal protection for all citizens. let us stand up today for our most hard-won american ideals and let us vote for this resolution condemning racism and
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anti-muslim bigotry and other forms of racism and intolerance. i yield back to the gentleman from new york. the speaker pro tempore: does the gentleman from new york reserve? mr. nadler: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from georgia. mr. collins: thank you, mr. speaker. i don't know where to begin. i really don't. as members of congress, duly elected by constituencies to serve in this body, who come here with the hope and the thought that we exchange ideas and come to this body to actually participate, and for the second time in eight weeks i am here with my friend from new york debating a resolution that all of us should have learned in kindergarten. be nice. don't hate.
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this resolution doesn't need to be seven pages. it's just wordy. i agree with it. we don't need to hate. it don't matter where it comes from. but it is just what bothers me the most, mr. speaker, is what i'm finding right here. just the other day on this floor we celebrated the institution of this body with the dean of the house and we spoke of mr. dingell, we spoke of don young, we spoke about the institution of this house. what is becoming more and more concerning for me about this process and what breaks my heart, as much as anti-semitic thought and anti-muslim thought, anti-anybody thought, is that we have broken down in this house. last week we brought to the floor, a bill in which was supposed to be about firearms which my friends across the aisle were mistakenly didn't understand the penalty associated with the bill.
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yesterday i was just on the floor of this house talking about a bill that really, because they'd rushed it through committee, came to the floor of this house in which if you keep a 4-year-old from voting, you're a criminal. this is what happens when we rush. and this week, the entire week almost, has been taken up by sentiments of a member that were anti-semitic. repeating, as rahm emanuel said, some of the ugliest stereotypes we've had. but goes back to, again, my concern here. at 3:20 this afternoon i was handed or at least was printed one of the resolutions. i have three more of this resolution. how long does it take to figure out just don't hate? how many times, how many -- you
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know, pages does it take to cite ill and evil? vil is evil. my heart breaks, mr. speaker. my heart breaks for this institution. when we say that -- we see something that is anti-central its but we say, well, they may -- anti-semitic, but we say, well, they may not have known it was. it's just wrong. my heart breaks. and then i find out that we changed it now lately to add other groups in here who undoubted lisa they weren't a part of the group, -- undoubtedly saw they weren't a part of the group so, we added new groups to the list. i guess since we're at it, why didn't we add mormons? why didn't we add gentleman vovehoveba -- jahovah witnesses? they have been attacked. mormons have been accused of dual allegiance. ask a former presidential candidate.
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mr. speaker, i wish i could -- you and i could engage in a colloquy. you're a good gentleman from north carolina. explain this to me. why it took a whole week to figure out to say, hate is hate. you don't need seven pages. we need people to understand that words have consequences. that being a member of congress matters. that being a member of congress says that when you say stuff, we can debate civily. my friend from new york and maryland, we disagree on most anything. we can probably disagree about the color of how many clouds are in the sky, about policy, but it is not a disagreement that hate is hate. and we shouldn't overlook it. and try and lump it west virginia else. and give moral equivalency -- it with everything else. and give it moral equivalency. but here we are again.
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here we are again. mr. speaker, i hope we're not here in another four weeks, because the first eight weeks we've been here twice. please let us get back to being the people that this country needs us to be. . the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from new york is recognized. mr. nadler: listening to the gentleman from georgia, i think i heard him say he and his colleagues are going to vote for this resolution and i'm glad to hear that, especially since i noted that after the march in charlottesville and the murder in charlottesville when a similar resolution was brought up, the republicans were then in control of the house refused to bring it to the floor. i'm glad they're willing to vote for this resolution today. i now yield one minute to the
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distinguished gentlelady from irginia. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i'm a jewish american woman who served for 20 years in uniform and continues to serve in the united states congress. at the age of 17 when i entered the united states naval academy i first took the oath to support and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. i subsequently repeated that oath six times, at every promotion in rank and most recently when i had the honor to become a member of congress. is that not enough to prove my loyalty to our nation? deployed six times, serving six shifts in the middle east. ms. luria: overseeing nuclear reactors, driving ships and operating a combat -- leading a
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combat-ready unit of 400 soldiers. in the first three years my husband and i were married we spent almost two years apart so we could both serve at sea and be deployed three times. is that not enough to prove my loyalty to my nation? m i to look back on my service d remain silent -- mr. nadler: i yield the gentlelady 30 seconds. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is yielded 30 seconds. ms. luria: i believe i speak clearly for all fellow jewish veterans that the echos of language that has been used to marginalize and persecute jewish citizens for centuries. he recent talk of dual
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loyalties calls into question our service. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from georgia is recognize fed mr. collins: i remind, i don't think my friend from new york would question my belief that what happened at charlottesville or anywhere else was bad. i don't think he meant that, mr. speaker. because i do believe it is bad. i think what is bad is having to write this thing seven days and having to figure this out. with that, i yield three minutes to the gentleman from new york, mr. zeldin. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. zeldin: let's be honest with each other, we are here today right now because of anti-semitic rhetoric from one member of the chamber said again and again and again. we would not be on this floor right now otherwise to discuss this topic. if that member was a republican, that member's name would be in this resolution and this resolution would be all about condemning anti-semitism and it would be done so forcefully. that member in january had to apologize for talking about a
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hypnosis of israel that they have over the entire world. that member had to apologize in february by saying that you support israel must be because you're bought off by jews. that member called it an ungive -- an unequivocal apology even though she filled it with equivocation. now she says if you support israel you must have pledge aid lieges to a foreign government. except this time the member is refusing to apologize. even if you gave that member every benefit of the doubt that she has no idea what she was doing, why now wouldn't she be apologizing? why would show be more embold tond refuse an apology altogether? i apparently am giving rep omar more credit than the speaker. is i don't believe she's naive. i believe she knows exactly what she's doing. it is an american value, by the way, to have reasonable, legitimate critsoism a government, whether it be the u.s. government, israel or any other government. it is not an american value,
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though, to be hurling anti-semitic rhetoric. anti-semitism must be con telled -- condemned unequivocally and emphatically. we have members of the chamber who associate with louis farrakhan who says, quote, hitler was great man. in january we came to this chamber, we condemned white supremacy, we named a republican member, wekied that member off his committees. he can't serve on the small business committee but this member will continue to serve on the house foreign affairs committee. but no, now we can't come here and just emphatically, solely, forcely condemn anti-semitism and name names. but if it was a republican we would. it's time to call out these things for what they are, pointed, bigotted, ill legitimate, anti-semiticism commend my deleens other side of the aisle who have been speaking out about the anti-semitism. a few members come to mind. chairman engel. congressman deutch.
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conditioningman nadler. congresswoman lowey. congressman gottheimer. many of my colleagues on the other side of the aisle i believe to their core know how very wrong this is and there are many other members to name as well. i'd be remiss if i didn't take this opportunity to say thank you to each and every one of them because support of israel, support of jews, standing against anti-semitism has been bipartisan in the past, it should be bipartisan today, and it should be bipartisan for every moment in the future. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from new york is recognized. mr. nadler: i now yield one and a half minutes to the distinguished whip, the gentleman from south carolina, mr. clyburn. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman, the jerrett whip is recognized. mr. clyburn: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the gentleman for yielding me the time. mr. speaker, i rise in support of this this resolution condemning anti-semitism, islamaphobia, and big triagainst
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minorities. -- and bigotry against minorities. this resolution expresses our rejection of all attempts to weaponize words and tsao discord and division. make no mistake. our caucus is unified. ut unity does not mean unaniity. we are the most diverse caucus in the history of congress. we are a true reflection of who and what america is. each of us bring ours own familiar background -- familial backgrounds and personal experiences to this august body. those experiences helped shape our values and our perspectives work do so as we do the of the american people. we learn from one another and we do so following president lincoln's declaration, around i quote, with malice toward none,
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th charity for all, with firmness in the right god gives us to see the right, let us strive to finish the work we are in this resolution condemns hateful expressions of intolerance, honors the heritages and experiences of all who serve in this body, and commits all of us to the continued search of a more perfect union. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. he gentleman from georgia. mr. collins: i yield three minutes to the gentleman, mr. biggs. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. biggs: i thank the gentleman for yielding. we are here today because a member of this body issued a series of anti-semitic statements. i couldn't help but think of
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what justice means and what mercy means. well, we want to temper justice with mercy. so the first time we come to that maybe the depth of what was said was accidental. the second time, maybe less so, and certainly the third time, we now have a pattern. nd we begin to wonder how we extend mercy when justice cries out. against one who is anti-semitic. it doesn't help that democratic leaders have attempted to rationalize and protect this individual. whether it's appearing on the cover of a national magazine, whether it's saying, quote, she did not understand the full weight of the words, close quote, one wonders what more
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needs to be done to try to eradicate anti-semitism from this body. some have said that to specifically condemn these statements and remove her from her committee assignments would stifle legitimate criticism of israel, but the problem with that argument is this -- the comments made were not directed at israel, were not directed toward policy, were not directed toward the american-israel relationship. they were instead directed to americans with the allegation that they have a dual loyalty which is an ancient anti-semitic cliche that's been used to target the jewish community throughout history. how about this in the future. if a member of congress desires to criticize israel or criticize american policy toward israel maybe they can do so without resorting to an anti-semitic rhetoric. that is inflammatory, unnecessary, and frackly
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hateful. shall we stand here today, we look at a resolution condemning hatred of any kind. who candice agree with that? i don't. i don't disagree with that. but what i will say is, you cannot temper justice any longer th mercy, with rationalization. sooner or later, you have to face what the awful truth is and if someone is going to persist in making anti-semitic, hateful statements, to bury that is inexcusable. ith that, i yield. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from new york, mr. nadler is recognized. mr. nadler: i now yield to the distinguished majority leader, the gentleman from maryland, mr.
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hoyer, one minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland, the majority leader, is recognized. mr. hoyer: let me suggest at the utset that no party be too self-righteous on the issue of supporting prejudice and big tri too often. this is a very serious matter. it is important to call out anti-semitism in a way that is unmistakable and unambiguous. we must do so. because whenever some people begin to question the allegiance or patriotism of americans, indeed whether certain people fully belong as part of our country, it is critical to set
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the record straight. recent statements employing time-worn tropes of dual loyalty have deeply and correctly unsettled american jewish communities. cause their allegation is, simply put, that american jews who support israel are not loyal to this country. i stand as a very strong supporter of israel. and a very loyal american. such allegations fall into, as has been said, a century-old and dark history of jews being arginalized and set apart. they recall past evils that occurred in our country and -- in other countries and our own, when the people accused jews, and i quote, of being disloyal
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nabes and citizens because of their connection to israel or jewish communities elsewhere in the world. that was false. and it was by gotted. -- it's bigotted. to be clear, the first amendment protects the right of every american to criticize policies an leaders whether in our own country or others that is the doorway of our democracy. however, in these past few weeks, those who say they are only criticizing israel's leaders or policies have instead been making claims about the allegiance and motivation of srael's defenders. i do not believe there is anyone in our caucus, not one, who wishes to silence debate over policy. rather, what is being called for an end to the invocation of
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age-old anti-semitic tropes that demonize people instead of criticize policies. accusations that jews bear dual allegiance because of support for israel or concerns for its safety are false. they are also hurtful. these must be expoed for what they are, bigotry. they elist fear and uncertainty in the individuals and communs they target. in much the same way, we have also seen vile examples of hatred aimed at painting muslim americans as somehow disloyal to our nation. or not fully belonging. causing similar feel offings nsecurity and distress. no us will kims -- muslims could come to our country. those feelings cannot be
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discounted either. one of our own colleagues was the target of an islamic -- islamaphobic attack, inpuning a member of this house. that ought to be unacceptable to all of us. we have seen this same form of exclusion, hatred in recent years, whenever acts of bigotry have been directed against african-americans. and when latino and latina citizens have been yelled at to go back to their countries. this is their country. this phenomena is also a reminder of the horrific internment of japanese americans during the second world war. none of us ought to be like upon shuss pilot and think that we -- pontious pilot and think that we have not fallen short of the principles annunciated in our declaration. in our multicultural republic, sometimes it is incumbent upon the american people to speak as one nation, indisvisible, and
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make clear affirmation that all americans have an equal share in our republic, that no one's race or creed or origin can call into question one's love of country. i will continue to urge unity in the face of anti-semitism, islamaphobia, xenophobia, xenophobia, xenophobia. homophobia. transphobia. racism against african-americans and latinos and asian americans. and other forms of prejudice. and discrimination. american jews, including those who serve our nation in congress, need to be reassured that they are equal partners in the diverse coalition for justice, opportunity, tolerance and equality. and that they have true allies as stand with them as firmly they have stood with others.
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i will continue to make that clear. america is rightfully respected for its declaration of independence and its constitution as amended and perfected. both of which proclaim the dignity and rights of individuals endowed by their creator. but america's also seen too often that denial of dignity and equality to millions of its citizens based upon the color of their skin, the land of their birth or the faith of their forbearers. colleagues, if we are to be better than our past, we must reject all forms of bigotry and prejudice directed at any of our fellow human beings and fellow americans. let us all in solidarity and in
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union with the principles of our country support this resolution. and i yield back the balance of my time. mr. nadler: could you tell me how much time mr. collins has and how much time i have, please? the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york has nine minutes remaining. the gentleman from georgia has 8 3/4 minutes remaining. mr. nadler: thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from georgia. mr. collins: thank you, mr. speaker. at this time i would like to yield two minutes to the gentleman from texas, mr. gohmert. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. gohmert: thank you, mr. speaker. according to proverbs, something that people who are practicing jews and christians believe, says there are seven things that are detestable to the lord. one is hauty eyes, another, lying tongue. another, hands that shed innocent blood.
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a heart that divides its -- devices wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil. a false witness who pours out lies. and a person who stirs up conflict within the community. it goes so far as to say, these are things the lord hates. so the word hate is not wrong in the jewish and christian tradition. but anything beyond this is wrong. and, yes, there have been persecution of christians there have been persecution of muslims, but anybody who is persecuted -- who has persecuted a people in the name of christianity was not acting as a christian. that is not part of the faith. but what makes this so dangerous, and the reason i will vote against this resolution, is because we came here because of an anti-sick remark, and we came here to con -- anti-semitic remark, and we came here to
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condemn anti-similar, but this resolution now con -- anti-central. but this resolution now condemns just about everything. and the reason that is so dangerous is anti-similar, hatred for the children of israel -- anti-semitism, hatred for the children of israel is a special kind of hatred that should never be watered down. there has never been a persecution of a people like the jewish people from 1933 to 1945. over six million killed. and it started with little things. hateful remarks made about the children of israel that grew and grew and it was ok because it was made by somebody who had a grudge, it was let go. and it built until it led to the death of six million jews. and we have to say no, we will not let it go on. and that's why i'll vote against it. it's watered down. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired.
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the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from new york. mr. nadler: mr. speaker, i now yield one minute to the distinguished gentlelady from california, ms. bass. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from california is recognized. mr. bass: thank you, mr. speaker -- ms. bass: thank you, mr. speaker. the congressional black caucus condemns all forms of white supremacy, anti-similar and islamaphobia -- anti-semitism and islamaphobia. this could have been an issue that so hed further division among the country, but instead has enewt -- united everyone around our shared values, condemning all forms of bigotry and hatred. the black caucus stands firmly against all expressions of hate and is concerned by the recent uptick in hateful rhetoric and crimes targeting minority communities. for example, a white nationalist murdered nine african-american worshipers at emanuel a.m.e. church in charleston, south carolina, on the evening of june 15, 2015 in hopes of igniting a nationwide race war. or the perpetrator of the deadliest attack on jewish people in the united states'
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history at the tree of life synagogue building in pittsburgh that killed 11 worshipers. it is unfortunate that the president of the united states has shown a complete lack of leadership on these issues and has in fact fanned the flames. as chair of the congressional black caucus, the c.b.c. remains committed to building a more perfect union by engaging in constructive dialogue that affirms america as a nation welcoming to all. hank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york reserves. the gentleman from georgia. mr. collins: thank you, mr. speaker. i want to go back to what i was talking about when we first started this and being sad to be here and also how we're continually rushing stuff through the floor. and i know it's an oversight but it goes back to my very statement here. again, i could undermine everyone here, if we wanted to write a simple resolution here. hate is hate. it's not good. don't say it. think about what you're doing. could you have done this in a half a paragraph.
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not to belittle this. this is all wrong. but on page 7, number 7, we have a resolution that says, condemns death threats received by jewish and muslim members of congress. i'm a member who has had someone put in jail for threatening to kill me and my daughter. why don't we condemn that? we forgot it. we forgot it like we had other groups in this bill that we've wrote three times that we had to add because we forgot them. as i mentioned earlier, why didn't we add mormons, why didn't we add gentleman hovea witnesss? it's not the hate and where it went back to and our speakers on both sides have went to the very issue of why we're here. i go back to the issue what i talked about earlier, that i am saddened for the state of our house that we are so concerned about trying to make talking points and finishing it, that we rush stuff to this floor. this is not what we do or who we are. hate is hate. it's bad. it's wrong. quit saying it. but don't keep rushing stuff to
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the floor when you don't even really understand what you put in the bill. with, that i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from new york is recognized. mr. nadler: mr. speaker, i now yield three minutes to the distinguished gentleman from new york, the chairman of the foreign affairs committee, mr. engel. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york, mr. engel, is recognized. mr. engel: i thank the gentleman for yielding, mr. speaker. i'm going to vote yes on this measure today. i do have concerns about how we're dealing with these issues, but obviously all forms of hatred and bigotry are intolerable. and we should go on the record in saying so. i'm voting for this because when i read the resolution, i agree with everything it says. but let me say this. to the criticism of the democratic majority, won't condemn anti-semitism, a few weeks back we took the virtually unprecedented step of ensepping republican motion to recommit -- of accepting the republican motion to recommit. a procedural tool the majority never supports because it condemned anti-semitism. we were proud to set aside precedent to condemn anti-semitism then and we're
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doing so again today. so contrary to what some are saying, that's twice in the corts of a month that the democratic majority is condemning anti-semitism on the floor of the house. but i must say, the words spoken by our colleague from minnesota last week touched a very real, very raw place for me. and my desire for the house to go on record again specifically condemning anti-semitism wasn't a desire to single the gentlewoman out or to stifle debate on u.s. policy toward israel. but it was a desire and need to say that certain words, no matter who utters them, have no place in our public discourse and indeed can be very dangerous. and when a member of our body speaks the way it speaks -- the way the representative from minnesota spoke, we need to single it out and say, we will not tolerate it. but in the last week, these problems have been compounded. since the comments that sparked this controversy, the gentlewoman from minnesota's become the target of vial racism and islamaphobic smeers and threats. one begets another and we've got to put a stop to it now. that's horrific.
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islamaphobia has no place in this body or anywhere in the united states. anti-semitism certainly doesn't either. i wish we had had a separate resolution about anti-semitism. i think we deserved it. i think it was wrong not to have it. i don't think we should mix everything. but i want to say very clearly and very loudly that anti-semitism will never be tolerated by me, never be tolerated by this body and no member of congress should be making anti-semitic states. no member of congress should be saying hurtful things and then not apologizing for them. so i hope we can put everything together, support this resolution, it condemns all kinds of hatred, whether it's islamaphobia, anti-semitism, any kind of hatred, that's what we need to do. and every time that anti-semitism rears its ugly head, we need to stop it and this resolution is a fine resolution and i will support it, but i am very disappointed that we weren't able to have a
9:34 pm
separate resolution to specifically condemn anti-semitism and what our colleague said that really was a very hateful term. i hope we can put everything together in this house. i know we can. i know people on both sides of the aisle want to work together. we want to stomp out any form of hatred, particularly anti-semitism. i will continue to work with anybody who wants to do that. and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. do you continue to reserve? the gentleman from new york? the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from georgia. mr. collins: thank you, mr. speaker. i appreciate my colleague from new york's statements just then. it's frankly a shame that he had to come say that in this context. but i appreciate what he said because he's right on-on. he's correct. i -- right-on. he's correct. i yield to the gentleman from florida. mr. gaetz: i fully associate myself with the comments from the gentleman from new york condemning anti-semitism, full-stop. entirely appropriate thing to do. i just think it's curious how we ended up here.
9:35 pm
we are having this debate right now because democrats had an objection to something said by a democrat. and so they launch off on this drafting project and then lo and behold, i hear all the remarks on the floor, and a lot of the substance in the resolution is about president trump. and criticizing him and trying to open wounds and so this is unfortunately becoming the new mantra of the left in the congress. when they've got a problem that they can't solve, it must be president trump's fault. it's a lot of the sentiment that we see echoed out of the judiciary committee, where there is no russian collusion, the mueller report is about to drop, democrats know it is not going allege russian collusion, and so they have to launch an 81-pronged investigation to harass our president. they can't get their own house in order, so everything's got to be the fault of a president who is creating more economic opportunity, reducing unemployment, ending wars, and doing a heck of a job for the country. i thank the gentleman from georgia and i yield back.
9:36 pm
the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from new york. mr. nadler. the gentleman from new york is recognized. the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from georgia. mr. collins: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york. mr. nadler: i yield 45 seconds to the distinguished gentleman from new jersey, mr. gottheimer. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized. mr. gottheimer: as a jewish member of congress who lost family in the holocaust and whose grandfather fought the
9:37 pm
nazis, i need no reminder to fight hate and bigotry wherever we find it. the statement about dual loyalty is a slur against jews and deserves condemnation. it's offense toiv question my loyalty or anyone's loyalty to the united states of america here simply because i'm jewer. just as it was appalling to question john kennedy's loyalty to the united states as president because he was catholic. it was clear if the discussion this week and the ultimate resolution that treating anti-semitism -- that anti-semitism is being treated differently than other bigotry and hatred. there shouldn't be an ast risk next to anti-semitism, i'll can't to fight it. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. mr. nadler: how much time do i have? and mr. collins? the speaker pro tempore: the
9:38 pm
gentleman from new york has 4 1/2 minute the gentleman from georgia has four minutes remaining. mr. collins: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york -- from ew york, mr. nadler. mr. nadler: i now yield 45 seconds to the distinguished gentlelady from florida, ms. wasserman schultz. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady is recognized. ms. wasserman schultz: one thing we are all reminded of is that words have power and divisive words cause pain. every jewish person in america, no matter where they're from, could share a story of anti-semitism they have experienced. it's internet trolls saying things to my children that are too vile to repite this -- repeat. the conversation today is necessary because remaining
9:39 pm
silent against hatred and bigotry is not an option. i'm a second generation american on both sides of my family two generations later it was possible for me to become a member of the u.s. congress. only in america. so questioning my allegiance is painful and personal. en fortunately, this dual loyalty question is not isolated to jews. words have power. we must carefully choose our words and make sure we use them to unite and not divide us. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from georgia vecknidse. mr. collins: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york. mr. pl nadler: i yield one minute to the distinguished speaker of the house. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from california, the speaker of the house is recognized. the speaker: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the gentleman for yielding and i thank him for bringing this important resolution to the floor of the house. i commend the gentleman from maryland, mr. raskin, and the entleman from louisiana, the
9:40 pm
very distinguished gentleman, for his participation in writing this important resolution. it is in the spirit of unity and solidarity with my colleagues as we come together in this chamber of our american democracy to condemn all forms of hatred, racism, prejudice, and discrimination with a hopefully single and strong voice. it is profoundly disturbing reality that anti-semitism is on the rise in america today and anti-semitism -- anti-semitic attacks increasingly are at the highest rate on record. appalling acts of hatred and bigotry are being inflicted in ur -- on all elements of our society, be they african-american, latino, people from asia, attacks in terms of
9:41 pm
people being muslim or other religious faiths. this isn't who we are as a country. we all believe that there is -- that there is a spark of beginity in every person who exists. that we are all god's children. and that we come to meet with each other in a way that commands respect for that prove nance of our being all god's children. and then we see people making attacks on each other throughout the country, whether it's in charlottesville or whether it's anti-immigrant attitudes that have reared their ugly heads in our country, and it is in spa spirit that i come to the floor, almost emotionally, to speak about this. congress and across the country
9:42 pm
must accept debate on any subject in a legitimate way, whether it's on our u.s.-israel policies and the rest that is protected by the voofl free speech and democratic debate in the united states and in israel. israel is our friend. and our friend in the region. our -- we support israel out of friendship, out of shared values but also because it is in our national interest to do so. but not every one of us in this provision on every of our -- or any consideration in that relationship. that is a separate and complete issue from anti-semitism. ofi-semitism attacks -- form attacks on jewish people, or any other form of hatred is deeply
9:43 pm
and unequivocally offensive and must be condemned wherever it is heard and all of us must remember as members of congress, as president of the united states, that our words are weightier once we cross the threshold into congress and indeed they weigh a ton when someone becomes the president of the united states. it's also disturbing that islamaphobia and white supremacy remain a sinister and shameful presence in america today, too often that goes undernoticed or unchecked. such attacks are even targeted -- targeted some of us in this body. we must condemn these attacks and confront them. if members of congress and american -- as members of congress and americans we have a solemn, urgent responsibility to fight to end the scourge of bigotry, racism and hatred in our country. i do want to again absolute our
9:44 pm
colleagues, frederick -- cedric richmond, our distinguished former chair of the congressional black caucus, now distinguished leader in the whip operation for his leadership in shaping this legislation and again congressman jamie raskin of maryland for his leadership role in all of this. i salute all our members for demonstrating the courage to have this difficult conversation and for doing so in a spirit of great respect. disagreeing sometime bus never questioning the patriotism or motivation of anyone with whom we serve. thank you, mr. chairman, -- mr. nadler, for the important you have done to give us this moment this important moment on the floor of the house. with that, i ask -- i hope that we will have a unanimous vote in support of this resolution and yealed back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from georgia is recognized.
9:45 pm
mr. collins: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. mr. nadler: we're prepared to close. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from georgia is recognized. mr. collins: thank you, mr. speaker. before i yield in just a second, i do again want to go back to somethingism appreciate the words that have been said here. i cannot emphasize enough that it took seven years to -- seven pages to describe what is simply stated as don't hate, watch what you say, you're a member of congress, we deserve better. the house deserves better. when we understand this, we can begin to understand also, i want to go back to something i will hit again. it gobacks to this is again something put together because we couldn't come to agreement on the very nature of what started this which was anti-semitic comments and having to have some of our jewish legislators come down here and condemn that is sad, it was hard,er to them
9:46 pm
apart, you could hear it in their voice but they have to vote for. this we also put it together, we left out the church of jesus christ of latter day saint, left out wiccans, we left out disabled people who are often discriminated against and hear hateful things about. and the only ones we're going to condemn getting death threats is jewish members and muslim member, we're not condemning anything else. this is another attempt to rush to do something, to fix something, as i said last week and i'll say it again, what makes you feel good doesn't all heal you. this is another example of a rush product. with that, i yield the remainder of our time, one minute to the gentleman from california. the speaker pro tempore: the minority leader is recognized. mr. mccarthy: thank you, mr. speaker. i want to start by thanking a member from the other side of the aisle.
9:47 pm
chairman eliot engel. thank you for when you heard the language and you stood up. thank you for your work. to all the members that are here , this shouldn't be this hard. we should not have to go through the number of versions that we had to. we shouldn't have to be on this loor even speaking about this. i hope we won't be back. of all the things that have happened this congress, this is what we talk about the most. this is the action that this congress has taken the most, twice. twice we have to make a statement that we're opposed to anti-semitism. the first time it took the minority that doesn't have very
9:48 pm
many abilities to bring something to the floor but we did. we spoke with one voice. but now we're back. in a few weeks. stating the same thing. but without apology. without apologies from that voice. it does not have to be this hard. we condition have to break 72-hour rule that you put in this year to make it less than an hour. the fear of what would happen tomorrow on a motion to recommit. i will pledge to you this. from this side of the aisle. i hope you understand this clearly. any hatred, we take action. i hope you've seen from the action on this side of the aisle where we stand.
9:49 pm
we didn't have to have a resolution but when it came to the floor ewe voted for it. we took action before it came to the floor. and it wasn't simply, please apologize. t didn't have to be this hard. yes, mr. speaker, our madam speaker was right. america is better than this but to my members, congress is better than this. please, do not make history write about our time with these two years with the most we've ever done is that we had to keep bringing resolutions to the floor to tell people that anti-semitism is wrong. if that's the only action we're going to take, i know we're better than this. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from georgia has one and a half minutes remaining. the gentleman reserves. the gentleman from new york.
9:50 pm
mr. nadler: reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. mr. collins: mr. speaker, as we come to the conclusion of our second time doing this, i'll echo the sentiments of our leader who just spoke, i echo the sentiments of most everyone who spoke here, that this is wrong. you know, one time we should learn, two times we're getting nothing out of this anymore. because undoubtedly we're getting numb to it because we just put everything we can imaginable that we could think of in the short amount of time unless somebody brought inup into a resolution to say this is hate we don't need to do. this we don't need a moon yawl to tell us who we can't hate. how is this so hard? why do we blow process, why do we disrespect this institution? by bringing together things that are thrown together at the last minute, that leave out death threats to any other member besides two groups of members.
9:51 pm
that leave out other who was been hated upon. it break misheart after just a day or so ago speaking of the institutional spirit and hearing the dean of this house talk about working together, it break misheart that we're eight, nine week into this session and this is our largest accomplishment? telling the world, don't hate? that's our largest accomplishment? . speaker, my fear is with i don't want to be here again but with the way this was handled i fear we may be. we're better than this this should not be where we're at. why? why do we keep coming back? many time mebses forget the awesome responsibility they've been given as members of congress. our mouths and our tongue can be our greatest enemy. let us remember that. as we seek guidance.
9:52 pm
with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back. the gentleman from new york is recognized. mr. nadler: i yield the balance of our time to the distinguished gentleman from louisiana, mr. richmond. mr. richmond: i thank the gentleman from new york for yielding. let me just say we are letter -- better than this. we've seen in this body we've had members attacked? we came together here in this body, we all held hands and said that words have consequences and e were going to do better. before we could run off the floor there was a commercial running to attack the character of our leader nancy pelosi. hollow words mean nothing to me. booker t. washington once said we are as separate as the fingers but we are as whole as
9:53 pm
the hand. so we come together today hopefully as whole as the hand to condemn anti-semitism, bigotry, racism all the phobias, islamaphobia, homophobia, what we do is push love like dr. king said. ut in the eulogy for dr. king, dr. benjamin mays blamed in part they have american people for the assassination. he pointed out the assassin heard enough condemnation of dr. king and negros to feel he had public support. so when dilaugh roof murdered nine worshipers in charleston he felt he had support. the neonazis and white nationalists who marched in charlottesville thought they had public support. the chooter of gabby giffords thought he had public support. -- the shooter of gabby
9:54 pm
giffords thought you had public support. the shooter of steve scalise thought he had public support. what we're doing here today is making it unequivocally clear is that no one has the support to engage in discrimination and racism and anti-semitism, but dr. mays went on to tell us to do better. he said we, and not the assassin, represent america at its best. he said we have the power, not the prejudice, not the bigoted, not the anti-semite, not the assassin, to make things better. so we, too, in congress have the power and the obligation to make things right. though we come from dramatically diverse backgrounds and though we have lived very different lives, we must all right now stand bigotry. gainst
9:55 pm
neonazi, white nationalists of ll kind, anti-semites, anti-islmafield goals and those who demean latins that they have no place in public disclosure. and for the record, this will be our third vote on anti-semitic measures. we voted against both of them. you all voted for one and then


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